About Dr. Ross

Dr. Mike Ross

Michael T. Ross, MD, FACEP, has practiced medicine for over three decades in urban and suburban emergency departments in New York and Michigan.  A graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Medicine,  Dr. Ross completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at Detroit Receiving Hospital and Wayne State University.

Dr. Ross has consulted and taught communication skills in healthcare systems, hospitals and ambulatory settings encompassing the many disciplines in health care from medicine, surgery, behavioral health and nursing to leadership and management, including one the largest, vertically integrated health care systems in the United States.  He has been an innovator teaching transparent communication, listening and empathic strategies to improve patient and staff satisfaction and healthcare outcomes throughout his career.  He now offers his services to high tech, high touch businesses and professional practices in addition to the health care sector.

Born and reared in the Bronx, Dr. Ross has lived and worked in New York City’s Manhattan and Queens boroughs.  Now residing in Metro Detroit for several decades, Dr. Ross serves as a healthcare communication consultant, coach and trainer.  He has devoted his energy and insights as a community leader serving on non-profit boards committed to crafting solutions for the pandemic of broken family life, a major source of illness, trauma, and behavioral health disorders plaguing children, parents and families acutely in urban centers and increasingly throughout suburban communities.

Dr. Ross is married and father of three, a daughter and two sons. The Ross family has lived in Troy since 1987.

True medicine offers a standing invitation to learn more how transparent communication strategies can improve the quality and bottom line of your business, service system or professional practice by writing or e-mailing Dr. Ross for a complimentary initial consultation.