Consulting/Training Services

True Medicine consulting services will teach business stakeholders how to integrate and utilize transparent communication within all aspects of business transactions to empower leaders and teams to improve service quality & workability, customer focus & satisfaction, employee effectiveness, fulfillment & retention, and bottom line profits.

Free Initial Consultation provides an opportunity to see how True Medicine may offer your system, business, service, individual practice, or personal communication, the care, insights, solutions, and skills it needs to be all it aspires to be and to achieve.

Needs Assessment & Report

  • Leadership interview team
  • Review policies, procedures, operations & protocols, outcome & satisfaction data, all in light of mission, vision, & values
  • Consult stakeholders & team members
  • Identify key questions to answer
  • Prepare report as requested including specific recommendations to:
    • Actuate mission, vision & values
    • Meet desired goals & objectives
    • Improve relationships, teamwork and effectiveness
    • Delight internal & external customers

One-to-One Consulting & Coaching for individuals

TM Healthcare Systems, Hospitals, & Facilities

Initial 90 Minute Free Consultation: Meet with leadership to understand mission, goals, issues, and concerns, explore new possibilities, opportunities, and desired outcomes, and discuss methods and fees.

Needs Assessment & Recommendation Report

Consultation & Communication Training

  • Quality and effectiveness of professional communications
  • Healthcare communication for professional staff
  • Ancillary and support staff training
  • Strategies to improve relationships within system and units
  • Review/gather and/or analyze information

Computer-aided & mobile applications for communication enhancement and training via I-pad/I-phone/laptop and/or desktop computers

TM Consulting for Professional Practices & Business

Initial Free Consultation: Understand practice philosophy, mission and values, services and operations, areas of strength & weakness, specific stumbling blocks & hot spots, preliminary goals and objectives, and menu of consulting and training options and fees.

Needs Assessment & Recommendation Report

Menu of Other Services:

  • Ancillary and support staff training
  • TM one-on-one professional training and coaching
  • TM team training & coaching
  • Plan & Facilitate Implementation Strategy(s)

TM Healthcare Training & Coaching Services

Healthcare Clinician Education:

  • Strangers in Crisis Unique communication needs For Emergency Medicine Providers & Hospitalists
  • Clinician-Patient Communication Healthcare communication for physicians and other providers
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home Office Team care & shared decision-making
  • Difficult Clinician Patient Relationships
  • Disclosing Unintended Outcomes & Medical Errors Communicating unexpected healthcare outcomes and errors in medical care

TM Team Coaching & Facilitation

One-to-One Communication Consulting & Coaching

TM Individual Communication Coaching

Initial Free Consultation Explore concerns, goals, current experience, feedback from others, and opportunities for enhancing skills

Observation and feedback

Debrief videotaped interactions

Assist in preparation for meetings with clients/customers, staff, administrators, and others

Facilitate staff and administrative interactions