Pride Precludes Hand-Washing Cure

Commentary by Dr. Mike Ross:
Two physicians, continents apart, discover simple hand-washing will easily cure a deadly pandemic afflicting young mothers and their families. Unbelievably, physician leaders and the medical community refuse to administer the cure despite death rates affecting over a third of moms in many communities just as they deliver their babies. What is it in the heads and hearts of human beings that mounts such riotous resistance to hearing the truth and honoring it with authentic action, even when it poses piddling inconvenience?

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Listening is not Greek at all!

Commentary by Dr. Mike Ross:
When seeking to help, one physician cautioned “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” That same healer also advised “Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.” Hippocrates wisely instructed young physicians twenty-five centuries ago, yet his gentle insight still offers brilliant counsel for us modern problem-solvers. Hippocrates’ teachings, ancient as they are, prove how timeless truth is, and how listening and human connection will always make the vital difference to offer authentic help and service to others, whether it’s medicine, or assistance of any kind.

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Talking With and Listening To Patients

Commentary by Dr. Mike Ross:
Even doctors learn that authentic relationship building is vital for a successful outcome. Basic communication must be personalized for each individual, and requires a coordinated, team effort. Lawyers, CEO’s, business and technical professionals, and all service providers from mechanics, trades people, retail personnel, social service and administrative workers, and even police officers could become more effective with improved skills in relationship-building, team work, and basic interpersonal communication.

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Mission to Save the World Two By Two

Commentary by Dr. Mike Ross:
Imagine two sane people setting out to save the world? Sounds like the start of another Superman movie. Syndicated columnist and Washington, DC journalist, Michael McManus, once Time Magazine’s youngest reporter, has travelled America with his wife, Harriet, on an epic adventure as grand as Moses & Zipporah. It’s an extraordinary, quixotic mission to save America two by two. Their goal is to save couples from the torrid culture that ravages spouses, children, and communities alike.

In 1996, after 15 years of reporting on marriage initiatives, Mike and Harriet formally founded Marriage Savers;their goal — to save marriages and families by helping clergy in 44 states mobilize and train married couples in their congregations to mentor and help couples succeed in marriage and family life. The fruits of their efforts netted significant, positive change within the participating communities.

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Our Greatest Weapon Against Poverty

Commentary by Dr. Mike Ross:
Who would have imagined that marriage would offer couples the greatest way to combat poverty and save their children from all the ills of failed learning, developmental delay, mental illness, behavioral disorders, child abuse and neglect, incarceration, illness and trauma, and future failures as adults unable to succeed in marriage and family life? Well, there’s a lot of science here to say that when men and women join their hearts and live their “I do” of marriage, their children thrive, their family prospers, and the whole world whirls far better than before.

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